5 Car Noises that Require Immediate Attention

To Worry or Not?

You’re driving home from work and you suddenly hear a hissing, thumping or scraping coming from your car. What do you do? Do you call road assistance or do you keep driving? You must keep driving  and take your car to a mechanic shop. Your car needs repair!

Car Engine

Cars make many noises, but how do you know which ones require immediate attention? Superior Auto Styling shares the top 5 car noises that are bad and what could be causing them.

5 Car Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Squealing while breaking 

At first a sound like this could seem harmless but this could be a brake issue developing. It could be as simple as the build-up of dirt on brake rotors, drums, pads or shoes. However, in a more serious case squealing could mean that the brake pads or shoes are worn down. Addressing this problem is crucial because it could be a safety related issue emerging.

Engine hisses or sizzling 

A sound coming from the engine may or may not be accompanied by smoke or steam. This is caused by engine fluids leaking into hot exhaust parts. This could damage your engine and is a danger to your safety.

Knocking noises on acceleration 

A noise like this should be addressed right away. The likes causes could be failing belt tensioners or internal engine problems.

Rattles from the engine compartment or under the car

These sounds can indicate loose or failing suspension or engine components. These should be addressed as soon as possible.

Thumping noises that happen when the vehicle is in motion

A noise like this can occur when driving straight, turning or accelerating. Possible causes for these sounds could range from a tire that is coming apart, to a CV axle that is bad, to braking issues.


Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to Strange Car Noises!