How to Choose the Best Headlight for your Vehicle

Along with the automotive industry evolving, headlights have also reached another level. Headlights are a standard driving equipment for every vehicle. They play a very important role in driving and may need to be replaced from time to time. This may be to upgrade the quality of the headlights, replace a broken headlight or for purely aesthetic reasons. 

Headlight tips can be differentiated due to the chips inside. Most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs, which will gradually be dim. If you don’t want to deal with this then choosing LED headlights is the best option for you.

Headlight Configurations

A headlight has three main parts, high beam, low beam and daytime running lights (DRL)

different parts of the headlight

High Beam

High Beams are meant for nighttime use in empty areas when there are no other vehicles or lighting present. The high beam is so bright that headlights should be switched to the low beam setting when an oncoming driver is within 150 meters. High beams should not be used during foggy conditions as their light will bounce off cloud particles and reflect back at the driver. 

The high beam can also be called as main beam, driving beam or full beam. 

Low Beam

Low beam is used when  it rains, fogs or snows. Low beam lights should be switched on when visibility is less than 150 meters, regardless of the time of day. At night, low beams are best used when driving in traffic and in lit city areas where short range beams are sufficient for lighting the road. 

Low beam is also sometimes termed as the dipped beam, passing beam or meeting beam. 

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights are meant for use during clear daylight hours, daytime headlights improve safety by helping drivers to spot oncoming traffic. According to figures, turning on the DRL while driving on the road can reduce accidents by 12.4%. 


Factors that Influence the Headlight

Beam Type

Halogen bulbs are the driving light source for most factory headlights in vehicles. Halogen headlights are dim and the light turns yellow or even amber as the driving time gets by. LED driving lights can be the best replacement for the Halogen because LED headlights are much brighter but consume less power. 

Lighting Effect

The lighting effect is mainly influenced by the headlight housing. There are two configurations of headlight housing – reflector housing and projector housing 

Reflector Housing

Vehicles that use reflector housing will experience light that will be reflected as the light is on. The light can be scattered in a wild range with flood beam but there will be some unused light. Most halogen headlights are equipped with reflector housing. 

Projector Housing 

Vehicles with projector housing will experience light being projected through the lens which can make a better pencil beam. When using the projector lens, the light will not scatter wildly which will give more accurate and bright light. Many LED headlights and HID headlights are used projector housing. If you’re looking for better lighting performance, you can upgrade the reflector housing with projector headlight housing. 


Choosing the best LED Headlights

choosing the best headlight

Headlight assembly for vehicles like sedan, SUV and trucks are a bit harder to upgrade – needing huge modifications. However, you can choose to just upgrade the LED headlight bulbs. Every headlight has the bulb inside and most factory bulbs are halogen bulbs. LED is similar to the halogen bulbs which means you can directly replace the halogen bulbs and do not need further modification. 


  1. Find out the plug type of your factory halogen bulb before choosing the LED bulb you want to replace it with.
  2. Halogen bulbs and LED headlight bulbs both have the Hi-lo beam bulbs and single beam bulbs. For hi-lo beam bulbs, one pair of LED headlight bulbs can support both high beam and low beam, while vehicles need single beam for high beam and low beam. You need to purchase 2 pairs to separately support high beam and low beam
  3. If you have upgraded the reflector headlight housing into projector headlight housing, the type of plug type changes and you need to check the plug type which can fit your new projector headlight housing
  4. For some vehicles which designed the high beam together with DRL using the same bulbs, upgrading the bulbs will be a little bit more difficult. You need to add extra DRL decoders to avoid bulb working error. Otherwise, your DRL will not work normally. 


LED driving lights can be the auxiliary lights as you need more light in driving. Upgrading your headlight into LED projector headlight may be better for practicability and aesthetics. Choose the best LED headlight solution according to your vehicle type. LED headlights can help you get more brightness while saving energy.


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