High-Flow Exhaust and

Bringing more air into your engine increases performance, but adding new headers and a better-flowing exhaust system allows waste gases to exit with greater ease, boosting your car’s oomph even more. A modern car’s muffler and catalytic converter exists to reduce noise and harmful emissions, but they also increase a car’s back pressure and impede the car’s ability to get waste gases out of the engine, thereby wasting power. Exhaust gas coming from the cylinder has to push all the other exhaust through the manifold pipes and silencers; this is what’s known as back pressure.

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Car Audio and Video, Cold Air Intake (CAI), Engine Control Unit (ECU), Exhaust Systems, Turbos and Superchargers, Fuel Systems, Nitrous Kits, Ignition, Sway Bars Installation, Short Throw Shifter Installation.


Lifting and Lowering Kits

Adding a lift, lower, or leveling kit to your vehicle adds style, optimizes performance, and enhances off-road driving. When considering a kit, talk to one of our professionals for assistance in choosing the type and style best for your vehicle. Lifting and lowering kits improve your vehicle’s look as well as provide added safety. Your vehicle may weigh more in the front or rear, depending on the vehicle type or modifications. An unbalanced vehicle that sags towards either end not only makes the vehicle look less appealing, but also affects handling, suspension, and tire wear. Vehicle-specific leveling kits balance the weight of your ride and create proper alignment. Get your vehicle assessed today.

Wheels and Tires Upgrade

When it comes to car performance, wheels and tires are playing a big role. They’re not just 4 circle thingy that’s rolling under a heavy metal. Wheels and tires provide safety and comfort on whoever is driving, but not all drivers prefer JUST that. Some drivers like to go extreme, like in autosports. Superior Auto Styling can provide the best wheels and tires for your car’s extreme role.


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Thanks to the Superior Auto Styling team. I no longer have to be concerned when my vehicle is being operated on. From major handling improvements, tuning and general maintenance work these guys will give you peace of mind every time with their high standards of customer service, knowledge and after care. With their can do attitude and input my ride has been transformed from standard to a sublime sleeper.
Thanks again guys

Eric E. Porter

I have been to Superior Auto Styling a few times, as I find their shop well organized and being there is always a nice experience. I have talked to the owner a few times and find him knowledgeable on his products and eager to recommend based on my profile and needs. Their facility is topnotch in that area, and caters to normal to high-end vehicles. For all these, their prices are surprisingly competitive and sometimes even cheaper than its neighbors.
If you are looking for professional advice, good customer service, and a relaxing ambience while waiting, then visit Superior Auto Styling.

Walter J. Taylor

It is like getting to know a new car in a lot of ways. Very quiet, steering responsiveness is great, interior was clean for about 30 minutes. Exterior was clean until we hit the motorways. Very happy customers. The ride and handling is the perfect mix for us of not too firm, but certainly feeling very “attached” to the road. Our only gripe at this point is the (painted) coach lines which now show up as even more shabby since the rest of the car has been tweaked.
But since that would require a full respray, we will hold off for now.

Wendell M. Adams