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Make sure your automotive emission

Think about what you want to improve about your car. Is it the acceleration? Is it the stopping power? Is it the ride quality? Is it the fuel consumption? It could be any number of things — going on a spending spree at your favorite performance shop might not get you to your desired goal.

Here at Superior Auto Styling, we offer you the best performance upgrade services that will surely bring the best out of your vehicle.

High Performance Tires

Improves fuel economy and handling.

High-Performance Shocks

For the tires to stay in contact with the road on bumps and even at higher speeds.

Larger Anti-Roll Bars

For the car to stay level with the road and to optimize tire contact patch.

Adjustable Top Strut Mounts

Improves fuel economy and handling.

Larger Diameter Catalyst-
Back Exhaust

For more efficient high-speed engine operation.

Stiffer Motor Mounts

For better engine response and handling precision.

H.I.D. Headlights

Improves visibility.

Performance Seats

For greater body support and for better steering and pedal control.

High-Temperature Brake

Less fade during heavy brake use and faster deceleration.

Less Restrictive Cold-Air

For more efficient engine operation, especially at higher speeds.

Stainless-Steel Braided
Brake Lines

For quicker brake response and for less chance of ruptured line.

Talk with us & upgrade your car’s performance

A lot of people choose to upgrade their cars to improve their performance, and there’s no shortage of modification options for the car enthusiast. Some fundamental steps you can take to improve the performance of your car include maximizing the efficiency of the air and exhaust flow and replacing suspension components to improve handling. Eventually, you may even want to consider adding a form of forced induction or even nitrous. Ultimately, upgrading your car is all about making it your own, so choose your modifications based on your driving style, interests, and vehicle.

No matter which of these aspects of performance upgrade you’re after, our performance upgrade services will surely bring the best out of your vehicle and turn driving into another exciting endeavor every time you settle into the driver’s seat. Go to your nearest Superior Auto Styling shop or give us a quote to upgrade your beloved car.

See what customers are saying about us

I actually bought one of the owners old cars partly because I know just how well looked after it was but also because I couldn’t genuinely find better for the money in the entire country. I of course still bring the car to Superior Auto Styling & can’t recommend them enough. Great service & really on-point pricing & communication.

Joseph S. Fleischer

Excellent service and knowledge. Looking for somewhere to enhance your car’s look or performance look no further than Superior Auto Styling. I’ve been going to Superior Auto Styling for various jobs over the years and have always had an excellent job done whether it’s putting a set of wheels on to a performance remap or engine rebuild. These guys certainly know their stuff!!

Steve S. Wooley

I needed some tires from a local shop that I could trust, and Superior Auto Styling is just the place. Very quick turn-around, friendly staff, plus great service. What more can you ask for. Contact them first for any modification or upgrade need. Awesome.

Lee C. Blunt