auto collision and paint

Second to safety, a main concern during any vehicular accident is getting the car back to its former untainted glory. Superior Auto Styling is disposed to handle Body Repair, and Carbon Fiber and Paintless Dent repairs.

For minor collision damages, we do paint-less dent jobs to complete paint jobs for the whole vehicle. We assess the auto damage to your vehicle and recommend fixes suitable for restoration at affordable cost and reasonable timeframe.

We start by manually, mechanically or chemically stripping paint, even on carbon fiber. Depending on your specifications, we’d go the extra mile to strip car components you wouldn’t want to get paint on especially for complete body repairs.

We only employ the best techniques & follow specific work process to not over look any details. Not only will our paint job look good, it will endure elemental changes & will last a life time.

For very extensive damage, we accommodate repair, disassembly and replacement paint jobs—feel free to explore and discuss all your options with us!

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