Why Paint
Protection Matters?

A lot of time and effort goes into making sure that brand-new vehicles come out with their colors popping, ready to grab the attention of everyone that they and their drivers zip by on the streets.

These, of course, are products of a tried and tested process: a combination of careful craftsmanship, advanced machinery, and revolutionary techniques in applying long-lasting paint designed for day-to-day use.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that all kinds of new technologies have been developed at this point to enhance the longevity of paint apps on new vehicles, paint permanence remains but a pipe dream. Paint protection becomes an even more significant issue when customized auto detailing comes into the picture. Imagine how much punishment your vehicle endures on a daily basis. Exposed to heat, cold, and other harsh elements in nature, your car will definitely take a beating — and its surface detailing is bound to be the first casualty. As more and more damage is inflicted upon your car, that nice, glossy, shiny paint job will slowly and steadily get chipped away until one day, you’ll look at your car and realize that you barely recognize it anymore.

Fortunately, paint protection measures exist for your car in the form of the so-called “clear bra” — a protective film applied over cars to preserve their lovely paint jobs. Also known as paint protection film (PPF) or clear paint film, this clear layer is durable and stylish.

Comprised of thermoplastic urethane film, it is strong enough to withstand wind, snow, and other foreign elements that may otherwise ruin your car’s appearance. Used on almost every vehicle surface — from motorcycles to jet skis to even helicopters — paint protection films are the best friend of any car owner deeply concerned about maintaining the beautiful paint apps of his or her vehicle.

And while there are many options out there for installing paint protection on your vehicle, you certainly have to ask yourself: For something this important, am I willing to settle for anything less than Superior?

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Superior Paint Protection

The Superior approach to protecting your vehicle’s paint job is fueled by an understanding and appreciation of how important it is to maintain the colors on your auto.

We use only the best and most durable brands of clear bras to guarantee that your car can withstand the toughest things that nature can throw at it. With a solid protective film, you’ll never have to worry about any foreign objects flying towards you as you zoom through the roads, scratching the surface of your car or worse. Bird droppings, stones, bug acids, tar, tree sap — none of these will ruin your otherwise lovely car.

Protective films are not high-maintenance; in fact, they’re the kind of protection that you just leave on your car and forget about. That’s why we’re deeply concerned with getting it right the first time: You certainly won’t find any sloppy clear bra applications here at Superior. It takes expertise and training to be able to apply clear bra effectively and properly on a car’s surface — and thankfully, our specialists have those in spades.

The great thing about clear bras is that they don’t alter the appearance of your vehicle once they’re applied. Any change in the way your vehicle looks can most likely be attributed to, among other things, human error. That’s one more guarantee you’ll get when you avail Superior paint protection — we won’t make a mess out of your car, and we’ll apply the protective film with skillful execution.

At some point, the clear bra will sustain enough damage that you’ll want to replace it with a newer, fresher coat. Luckily, we’re not just good at applying PPF — we’re adept at removing it, too! And while some may say that removing PPF is an easy enough task to accomplish on your own, wouldn’t you rather avail the services of experts who can remove the old clear bra from your vehicle and replace it with a newer one, all in one transaction?


The Superior Guarantee

Excellent Coverage, Superior Protection

You can count on us to apply durable protective film on your car properly and precisely. Our well-trained on-site technicians have had extensive experience in this craft, and will give your vehicle the same kind of love and care that they would give to their own cars.

Superior Brand Selection

Choose from our range of popular, tried and tested protection film brands. Once you find the name you trust most, leave it to us – and pretty soon, when it comes to paint protection and so much more, you’ll trust us, too.

Enjoy the Superior paint protection advantage: Expert execution, long-lasting protection.

Don’t settle for anything less than Superior.

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