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Residential Window Tinting

With the right window tinting, the only thing that will melt inside your home is your electric bill!

As much as we’d all like to picture an ideal home wherein you can sit by the window and take in the beautiful sights, all it takes is a well-placed beam of sunlight to send you back to reality.

Indeed, while windows are an absolutely essential component of your home, they can also be the cause of problems ranging from the relatively mundane (glare) to the seriously expensive (a higher energy bill). When the extreme heat of the morning or afternoon sun penetrates your untinted, unprotected window, it contributes to the heat buildup within your home, leaving you with no choice but to switch on your air conditioner and take your electric bill up a couple of notches higher.

Thankfully, window tinting industry leader LLumar’s window film products aren’t just good for commercial applications — they make for exceptional protective materials for your home windows, too.

The EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States says that approximately one-third of the utility bill costs in an average American home are direct consequences of poor temperature control within, regardless of the season. That’s where window tinting comes in. With LLumar protective films on your windows, you’ll never have to worry about experiencing too much heat or cold inside your home, just because of outside weather conditions. Furthermore, LLumar can help reduce glare by almost 90% without obstructing your view, with clear, light and subtle-shaded options that are perfect for your preferences.

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Control Heat and Glare

Take control of the sun with residential window tinting. The only thing that will melt is your energy bill.

Windows are an important part of any home, from the light they let in to views they reveal. However, they can also create a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up and high energy costs as you’re forced to run the air conditioner more often to stay comfortable. Residential window tinting with LLumar window films can help you control these problems while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

Windows play a significant role in regulating heat and energy in your home. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, approximately one-third of an average home’s utility bills are wasted by heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through untreated windows.Residential window tinting with LLumar window films can lower heating and cooling expenses by reducing solar heat from the outside, reducing hot and cold spots inside, and helping to prohibit heat from escaping.

Open your blinds, shades, or drapes and let the sunlight in! LLumar window film reduces glare by up to 87%, making it easier for you to watch television or work on a computer. And because LLumar residential window tinting is available in a variety of clear, light and subtle shades, you’ll be able to enjoy your view.