Smog Check & DMV Services

Take care of your most important investment – Let us provide the best DMV services in Town

Are you hitting the road in California? Make sure your DMV services are in order before you take your car for a run. Crack windshield offers a wide variety of DMV services to make your DMV business easier and smooth

Vehicle Registration Made Easy

Vehicle registration can become a pain for people that do not know how to go about it. Consulting registration experts and letting them deal with the registration Is the best. Whether you are buying a new vehicle or renewing or transferring your registration, we’re here to assist you towards the finish line.

Get Your Driver’s License

Our experts can guide you through the process of obtaining a driving license. We will facilitate and guide with the process of application of driving license and driving test. Many people are confused about preparation for their driving test. So, our DMV experts can guide you towards the right practice apps, driving license center, and scheduling of driving exams.

License Renewal

Get your driving license renewal done online and with ease. Moreover, if you have to make any amends to your driving license, don’t wait and get us on board to make the necessary changes.

Save your time and money with our DMV services

You can save your time and invest it in other places while we can take care of all your DMV services. Just book a consultation with us to get started on any DMV services, and we will take it forward from there.

What Do I Need To?

In most cases you’ll need the title (signed and filled properly) and smog certificate.

The VIN and License Plate number of your car

*DMV may also require proof of auto insurance and/or smog.

Your registration card AND your ID.

Original title signed off by lien holder.


Submit your request at our office and the new title will be mailed to your address by DMV.


Last 3 digits of VIN and full License Plate Number.


Submit your request at our office and your personalized plates will be mailed to your address from DMV.


In addition to Salvage Certificate and Smog, DMV requires “Brake and Lamp Inspection” and VIN Verification.
We provide brake and lamp inspection on site. VIN must be verified by DMV or CHP for salvage vehicles. Please note that Salvage Car Registration is next day service.

-If your registration was suspended due to insurance, and you haven’t purchased insurance yet, we provide insurance services on site. Please visit for more information.

-If you’ve purchased insurance from us, we’ll forward that information to  DMV and have your registration reinstated.

-If you already have insurance and only need the registration suspension cleared, please bring in or fax the ‘proof of insurance’ and allow 3 hours for verification of insurance and reinstatement of registration.

​If no ownership or lien change is involved; all you need is your out of state registration, your ID and the VIN Verification which we are licensed to provide onsite.


Out of State Title (filled and signed properly by the seller), VIN verification (provided on site) and Smog Certificate.

Copy of your registration card OR Last 3 digits of VIN and full License Plate number.

Copy of your Non-OP registration card OR last 3 digits of VIN and full License Plate number.  ​

* Please call us for further information or help on any transaction that’s not listed here.  (909) 484-3149


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