The Summer Car Maintenance Checklist You Need To See

Summer is here in California, which brings heat and humidity that can be brutal. You can feel the sweat drip, right? But you’re not the only one who needs to start preparing for high temperatures – your car needs a helping hand too. 

It is important to protect your vehicle during summer because it keeps your vehicle in good repair. Superior Auto Styling has come up with this ultimate summer maintenace checklist so that you and your vehicle can stay on the road instead of stranded beside it!

  • Keep it Clean and Protected – with the abuse it’s getting from the harsh summer elements, the least you can do is offer it some protection. A good wax and coat of protective wax can do wonders to keep your car safe from hot or wet conditions. You can also protect the cars interior from the sun with a window tint package.
  • Routine Maintenance – things like spark plugs, belts, and tire rotations are just a few common items to check and maintain.
  • Dents and Chips -Dents and chips may seem harmless but they can lead to worse issues. Not only do the dents look bad but they can also lead to cracks in the paint or rust. Window chips can spread and obstruct your view when exposed to higher temperatures. These problems can be fixed by our mechanics at Superior Auto Styling.

  • Air Conditioning – riding in the summer heat is uncomfortable and could lead to a heat stroke. It’s a good idea to get your AC recharged before hitting the road.
  • Brakes – the disaster that comes with bad brakes goes without saying. Bad brakes are bad. Get a brake inspection and make sure they’re good.
  • Tires -a blowout can be a disaster in the heat and it could also be very dangerous. Make sure your tires are not worn and that the thread is sound. Be sure to check those wheel alignments and perform a tire rotation to keep those tires in good shape.
  • Car Battery – a dead battery means – a stranded driver. Be sure you get it tested before going on a road trip.
  • Oil and Filters – One of the easiest ways to keep your car on the road is to make sure you’re oil is changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The recommended interval varies by the vehicle’s age and manufacturer, but a good rule of thumb is to perform an oil change at the start of each summer.

Car Engine

The above checklist can go a long way towards keeping you safe on the road during the summer.

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