Vehicle Ceramic Coating(Ceramic Pro)

Buying a car or any other vehicle is a huge commitment. So, they want to protect it comes as no surprise. At Superior Auto Glass & Tint Shop, we suggest ceramic coating to save the car from UV rays and environmental contaminants. Our experts also heavily recommend ceramic coating as it is durable and low maintenance.

Get protection from chemical stains

The ceramic coating provides great protection from chemical stains. Acid containment from the air can damage cars and put stains on them. A ceramic coating from a well-known and reputed service provider like the Superior Auto Glass & Tint Shop will work flawlessly for your car.

A glossy look for your car

The most coveted supporting point for our ceramic coating is the glossy look that comes with it. Your original paint will stay much longer and will look classy and good. There’s an increase in people asking for ceramic coating due to its polished and glossy look.

Our experts guide and provide consultation for different cars. However, we guide them clearly that the ceramic coating will not protect your car from scratches and swirl marks. So, these things should be considered, but the pros will outweigh the minor cons.

The Ceramic Coating Technology

Ceramic coating was developed based on a ceramic molecular compound formula, also known as nanoceramics. Spawned by the need for an easy-to-apply, long lasting material that would protect automotive surfaces while preserving their shine, nanoceramics have finally stepped out of the shadows of laboratories and are now gaining popularity in the mass market.

While the term nanoceramics might sound high-tech, it really does date back to the ancient times. In the 9th century, Mesopotamian artisans created pottery that had a glittering effect by combining traditional ceramics with silver, copper and oxide particles. The method was refined over the centuries and reached the height of its popularity in the European Renaissance when craftsmen were able to achieve shimmer effects on their pottery.

With the aid of today’s chemical and surface engineering advancements, Ceramic Pro and other brands were able to develop products that achieved a similar effect that was meant to be used for automobile bodies. The end product is a fluid that bonds physically and chemically with the paint and clear coat of your car which adds another layer that provides multiple aesthetic and protective benefits.

Being based on ancient techniques doesn’t mean that there’s nothing advanced with ceramic coating, though. As a matter of fact, today’s nanoceamic technology lives up to its name as it works at the molecular level to do its magic.

Essentially, the molecules of ceramic coating agents increases the association of clear coat and paint molecules, packing them more tightly to achieve a glossier finish. This allows the vehicle’s overall body to resist scratches better and repel contaminants such as water, dust, soot, animal, droppings and more. At the molecular level, nanoceramics also prevents water from beading and sticking to your car’s surface. Instead, it rolls off and takes contaminants with it, giving your car its very own self-cleaning technology.


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