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Driving is much cooler and comfortable with window film installed in your vehicle. Window tinting is a great investment that improves your driving comfort while adding to the value of your car.

Tinting looks great on any car or 4WD, or truck and has so many benefits. Not only does window film decrease glare, it helps reduce wear and tear on your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Your upholstery is also less likely to fade and crack, increasing the durability of your car seats.

Superior Auto Styling is qualified to effectively install window tint when your car needs one or strip your old tint and replace it so your car reaps the benefits of being protected with window tint.

Also, we are experts at removing permanent water spots on automotive glass. These pesky mineral deposits can mess with the aesthetic of your vehicle and can be tough to remove, but leave it to us have your windows looking like new once again!

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Window Tinting: Versatile Protection

Window tinting technology has found its way to automobile, commercial installations, and residential applications alike.

Indeed, the benefits that a simple window tint can provide are too good to ignore:

  • Reliable and consistent protection from the harsh rays of the sun
  • Improved privacy and security
  • The elimination of glare, for eyesight protection
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Energy efficiency and temperature regulation

Along with different applications and purposes, there are also different types of window tinting. Take automotive tints, for example. In general, these are polyester-based — a compound favored due to its anti-shrinkage properties, high tensile strength, effective shape retention, and other properties. The typical metallic vehicle tints, while effective in their own right, fade as time passes. However, a ceramic variant is picking up steam, valued over metallic tints because of their durability, longevity, and aesthetic quality.

For people who want to experience added protection and privacy in their offices, homes, and automobiles, window tinting is a relatively cheap and effective answer.

Incidentally, here at Superior, we specialize in all three kinds of window tinting. Whether you’re in need of auto window tinting, commercial tints, or residential tints, you’ll never have to settle for “Satisfactory”… Because the Superior option exists, just for you.

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Auto Window Tint: The Superior Difference

Imagine how it would feel to drive around town in your vehicle, with its newly applied window tinting protecting you from the extreme heat and keeping you nice and comfortable.

There are so many pros to window tinting that it’s a bit surprising how not all car, truck, and 4WD owners aren’t availing it. With high-quality and long-lasting window film, you will never have to suffer the effects of glare from the sun when you’re inside your vehicle. It also has the pleasant side effect of helping you keep your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems in check, as well as preserving your leather car seats and other elements in your car that may get damaged from overheating.

There’s a specific skill required to successfully and effectively apply window tinting to automobiles. That’s why Superior’s staff is well-trained and qualified for such an important car maintenance operation.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a pesky water spot or two removed from your vehicle’s glass, we’re absolutely capable of doing that, too! Trust in our ability to restore your car windows in a way that would make them look good as new.

That’s the kind of window tinting service you deserve: Superior.




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