Window Tinting

Driving is much cooler and comfortable with window film installed in your vehicle. Window tinting is a great investment that improves your driving comfort while adding to the value of your car.

Tinting looks great on any car or 4WD, or truck and has so many benefits. Not only does window film decrease glare, it helps reduce wear and tear on your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Your upholstery is also less likely to fade and crack, increasing the durability of your car seats.

Superior Auto Styling is qualified to effectively install window tint when your car needs one or strip your old tint and replace it so your car reaps the benefits of being protected with window tint.

Also, we are experts at removing permanent water spots on automotive glass. These pesky mineral deposits can mess with the aesthetic of your vehicle and can be tough to remove, but leave it to us have your windows looking like new once again!

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