Cloudy Headlights: Replace or Restore?

Oxidation is inevitable when it comes to your car’s headlights. Exposures to different chemicals and UV rays when traveling  are the  main factors that cause the yellowish headlight lens. Driving at night with these headlight condition may affect the visibility and would compromise safety, it also makes your car look old.

Having your headlights replaced will cost for about $500 or more depending on the brand of the vehicle plus the installation fee.   These would definitely make your car look new but would cost you a lot of money. However,  there is a more practical way of bringing back your headlights to “like new “ condition which is called “headlight restoration”.  Headlight restoration services cost only a fraction of headlight lens replacement.

Lots of DIY kits sold in the market, but not all of these products will solve the problem and  most likely make it worse. Having it done by a professional is the best option, they could determine if the oxidation is inside or outside the lens. Plus, they have the right tools and techniques to provide the best results.






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